We are a closely-knit team of experts who specialize in eldercare. Our goal with iknowthatfella is to inform, educate and empower individuals who provide long-term care to an elderly family member.

Dementia-affected elders require specialized care. We teach you how to help your beloved seniors do laundry, cook food, and clean up after themselves.

The information we share is equally helpful for individuals looking after healthy seniors at a late age.

If you are reading this, chances are, you are a son, daughter, sibling, or spouse of someone at an advanced age. Offering care— full-time or part-time— is not easy. It can lead to mental stress and in turn increase caregiver burden.

iknowthatfella will help you find a sense of control amid everything that might be going on in your life. Besides, this blog will also be helpful for nurses and social workers. Essentially, anyone who deals with elderly folks regularly.

No matter your age, you can confidently step into your new role as a caregiver. iknowthatfella offers orientation and a plan of action for every obstacle you encounter in your journey as a caregiver.